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Your Family's Passport to Financial Security

Life insurance can be one of the cornerstones of financial planning. In the event of an unexpected or premature death, the HSBA Group Annual Term Life Insurance Plan can help provide the financial security your family needs. This life insurance helps make sure they’ll be able to meet current expenses—such as mortgage and car payments—as well as future expenses such as college tuition.

Valuable Benefits

  • Up to $1,000,000 of Member/Employee and Spouse Coverage
    (Note: spouse coverage may not exceed 100 percent of member coverage.)
  • Affordable Rates
    The premiums for the HSBA Group Annual Term Life Insurance Plan are competitive. You may be surprised at how much insurance you can afford.
  • Premiums Can Be Waived If You’re Disabled
  • Living Benefit Option ("Accelerated Life Benefit")
    Enables you to apply for a portion of your benefits if you qualify as being terminally ill, subject to certain policy restrictions and limitations. These benefits are paid directly to you, and you may spend them any way you wish.

Life insurance coverage is provided under the terms of a group life insurance policy, Group Policy #66716-1, issued and delivered in the state of Hawaii. The Hawaii State Bar is the policyholder. The group life insurance policy is issued by ReliaStar Life Insurance Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota. The policy is administered on behalf of ReliaStar Life Insurance Company by Mercer Consumer, an insurance administrator licensed in the state of Hawaii. The group policy is issued in the state of Hawaii and is governed by its laws.

The Hawaii State Bar receives a fee for its endorsement of the insurance programs. The fees are used to offset the cost of program oversight and support member benefits and services.


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